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A new wooden shed in the countryside

Reliable Exterior Carpentry For Your Ipswich Space

M Hall Carpentry Ltd is here to show you how the right exterior carpentry can turn your garden and outdoor areas into spaces you'll absolutely love. Fancy making your Ipswich outdoor space the best it can be? Contact us at M Hall Carpentry Ltd to discover our range of bespoke furniture. Discuss your ideas and how we can bring them to life. Here’s to creating beautiful outdoor spaces together!

Exterior Carpentry

At M Hall Carpentry Ltd, we believe the great outdoors deserves great carpentry.

A dark-coloured garden shed with plants

Garden Sheds That Tell Your Story

Our garden sheds do more than just store your tools; they add a unique charm to your garden. Imagine a shed that fits perfectly into your space, looking like it was always meant to be there. That’s what we do. Whether you want a cosy nook for your gardening gear or a spacious hobby workshop, we've got you covered.

Wooden Porches: Your Home’s Best First Impression

There’s something special about a wooden porch. It’s the first thing you see when you come home and the last thing you step off before you leave. We craft porches that aren’t just sturdy and safe but also a beautiful addition to your home, welcoming you and your guests with open arms.

Timber Frame Buildings: More Than Just Structures

From the charm of a gazebo to the practicality of a summer house, our timber frame buildings are designed to be much more than just structures in your garden. They're spaces where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space all year round.

Cladding That Protects & Beautifies

Our cladding services give your home extra protection while boosting its curb appeal. With various materials and finishes, we’ll help you find the perfect look that protects your home from the elements and makes it stand out.

Every Project, Managed With Care

We understand that any work done on your home is a big deal. That’s why we manage every exterior project with great care and attention to detail. From the moment we start planning to the final installation, we ensure everything goes smoothly and you’re happy with the result.

A timber frame building

To Bring Beauty And Functionality To Your Outdoor Space With Exterior Carpentry, Contact Us On 07388 360715.

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